11:01 pm - Tue, Oct 21, 2014
Q: I'm having like Jessa withdrawals especially since they haven't been on social media and the family hasn't seemed to pay as much attention as to Benessa's engagement and wedding lately and it's so close, like I love all the duggars but Jessa and Jordyn are my faves so being that the spotlight hasn't been on them and SO much on jill this season has been really uninteresting to me but next season I'm gunna be so excited because it's all Jessa and Ben! I really cannot wait

I completely understand. I hope they do what they did for jill and follow jessa while she does her wedding planning.

11:01 pm
Q: They just showed an ad for the wedding episode and Jennifer was crying before the ceremony because of Jill leaving. :'(

Awwwwwwww !_! That’s sad. :(.

11:00 pm
Q: Im confused. At the beginning of tonights episode Jill and Derrick say watch at the end of the show when we show the gender reveal. But there was nothing at the end of the show.

That doesn’t make any sense. Even the TLC Twitter said to watch at the end of the show for it.

9:39 pm
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Q: I don't think I could wait until the spring for jessas wedding !! Do you think they would air a special for their wedding??

I don’t think so. I think next season will be all about Jessa. Just like this season is all about Jill.

9:28 pm
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Q: Just because she is planning on having a home birth does not mean she will give birth on tv. She said she and Derick have not decided yet. And anything could happen, she might have to deliver at the hospital if something goes wrong, and more and more hospitals are not allowing any recordings going on. Even Children's doesn't allow it anymore.

Yeah I understand. I could see them filming it though.

8:21 pm
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Sneak peek of tonight’s episode. We’ll finally get to learn more about Derick and his family. How cute was he as a baby?! 😊

8:05 pm
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Q: I think the name will be: Richard Michael Dillard. ( Richard was the name of Derick's Dad, I do think they will name the baby after his Dad).

Yes, I agree

8:05 pm
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Q: I was kinda hoping for a girl, but I'm so happy for the Dillards anyway! Any thoughts on names? I'm guessing Richard James, or maybe something Spanish or Nepali to reflect their interest in missionizing in those countries and how they met

They said they might do a family name theme. if that is the case then I see them using that name.

7:48 pm
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Q: do you know where there are any links for last weeks episode? i still haven't found one? thanks :)
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